unique position | why phase 3 creative?

Our proven DR marketing strategy is based on:

  • Establishing a thorough understanding of your product that synthesizes its key attributes into a compelling, unique selling proposition.
  • A demonstrated understanding of successful product positioning and DR offer strategies and their application.
  • Cohesive creative briefs and commercials that capitalize on successful DRTV formulas. 
  • A strong working knowledge of DRTV media and the financial parameters needed to realize target CPOs.

Key team members work with you to identify positioning, offers and incentives for your consideration.  These are then reviewed and assessed via historic performance, financial impact and execution detail.  Timing and media budget implications are also taken into account, resulting in a fully vetted, performance enhanced and cost effective testing strategy. 

Every campaign is launched during a closely supervised testing period that capitalizes on all key media variables:

  • Selection of Proven DR Outlets
  • Day Part Targeting
  • Seasonality
  • Clearance
  • Rates

Success is determined by constant monitoring of spot clearance, response, conversion and CPOs.  Benchmarks are pre-determined and each media outlet is evaluated against these standards.    P3C will work with your existing IT/web and inbound telemarketing services or will source proven vendors to establish relevant tracking systems and reports that capture all key data points and communicate all order data to your fulfillment centers.