unique position | why phase three creative?

1. We are looking for partners.  Phase Three Creative is actively searching for innovative products to promote and sell on television.  We are experts in direct response advertising.  We are experts in creative collaboration.  And we are changing the relationship between advertiser, agency and media buyer.

2. We do not require up-front fees.  We do not ask you to pay for expensive commercial production.  We do not recommend large initial media buys. 

3. We target your audience.  We use your product expertise with our DR knowledge to develop a compelling story.  And then we do what we do best.  We write, create and produce award winning, sales producing direct response advertising.

4. When your commercial is ready, we conduct a surgically precise media buy and test the effectiveness of our sell.  We apply sophisticated analysis techniques to evaluate the efficacy of our approach.  If our results match our expectations we roll out a full campaign.

5. We set up call center and write the telemarketing scripts to maximize up-sell opportunities. The phone center generates customer lists that you can use for future contact.  All sales proceeds are forwarded to your account and we split the profits.

6. Our model is based on cooperation and collaboration.  We succeed together.  We share the risks and share the rewards.

7. Our partners reap the added benefits of increased brand recognition and better retail sales.  Direct response media is much less expensive than general advertising time, so we get more “bang for the buck.”  In fact we get a triple shotgun blast:

  1. Direct response
  2. Increased brand awareness
  3. Increased “brick and mortar” retail sales

8. We are building great spots, generating sales and creating long-term relationships.  We are looking for partners.